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  • Old National Centre, vak: Orchestra center, rij: Z, stoel: 14
    Jim Gaffigan
    Great view. Wish they’d stop people from entering after show time. EVERY time we have dipsticks showing up 10 minutes late.
  • anoniem
    4-sterren concert-uitzicht
    Leicester Square Theater, rij: O, stoel: 15
  • Borgata Event Center, vak: 100, rij: 16, stoel: 14
    Jim Gaffigan tour: Fully Dressed Tour
    Seats were OK. Venue is fairly large
  • The Colosseum At Caesars Palace, vak: 1st mezz, rij: e, stoel: 405
  • anoniem
    5-sterren concert-uitzicht
    The Grand Theater at Foxwoods, vak: Parterre Right, rij: DD, stoel: 28
    Jim Gaffigan
    Great seats. Pretty wide compared to Bushnell and Palace Theaters. Seats 27 & 28 each have their own armrests.
  • Chicago Theatre, vak: MNFLR4, rij: CC, stoel: 406
    Jim Gaffigan
    Great view. Up close and personal. 2 seats in from aisle.
  • anoniem
    5-sterren concert-uitzicht
    Chicago Theatre, vak: BALC2R, rij: A
    Jim Gaffigan tour: Noble Ape Tour
    There's just a curtain on front of your seat so you have a little extra knee/leg room. If you're short, you may have to lean forward to completely look over the bar in front of you. Overall though, really good seats.
  • Times Union Center, vak: 106, rij: DD, stoel: 1
    Jim Gaffigan tour: Fully Dressed Tour
    Aisle seat 4th row up
  • Dos Equis Pavilion, vak: 102, rij: I, stoel: 13
    Jim Gaffigan tour: Fully Dressed Tour
    Bad sound system, volume too low and poor sound quality made performance hard to understand. Video monitor was ahead of sound so lips moved on the screen well before sound was heard.
  • Pier Six Pavilion, vak: 104, rij: E, stoel: 18
    Jim Gaffigan tour: Contagious Tour
    Jim was even closer than this picture makes the distance seem. Jim looks to the audience on the right a LOT, away from the spotlight. I felt like he was talking to me the whole time. Also, the beer stand is on the left, probably closer than he was.
  • Giant Center, vak: A1, rij: 8, stoel: 13
    Jim Gaffigan tour: Contagious Tour
    Floor seat on aisle