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  • Orpheum Theatre (Los Angeles), vak: Mezz, rij: A, stoel: 102
    Joe Jackson tour: Four Decade Tour
    If you're short then do not sit here. This is your view. It's a really terrible seat. Plus, the gigantic wood box takes up your leg room.
  • anoniem
    3-sterren concert-uitzicht
    The Town Hall, vak: Lower Balcony, rij: D, stoel: 23
    Joe Jackson tour: Four Decades Tour
    Stadium style seats so no heads blocking view. Seats are narrow though, knees s but tight and I’m 5’2’”
  • The Town Hall, vak: Orch, rij: O, stoel: 100
    Joe Jackson tour: Four Decade Tour
  • The Apollo Theater, vak: lower mezzanine, rij: k, stoel: 110
    Joe Jackson tour: 2016 Tour
    Excellent sound. The steps up to that area, as well as the seat rows, are steep!
  • The Egg, vak: Orchestra left, rij: P, stoel: 29
    Joe Jackson tour: Fast Forward Tour