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Evenementtype: alleconcerttheater
  • Gershwin Theatre, vak: FMEZZ, rij: EE, stoel: 2
    Great seat, with no one in the way in front of you. The railing is low so it doesn't block the view either. Legroom is a bit less in this seat than the one next to it (EE 4) because of the way the balcony wall goes
  • Carnegie Hall, vak: Parquet Right, rij: K, stoel: 10
    DCINY tour: Symphony Of Carols
    Good view of the stage, although the seats in the row in front were empty
  • Westside Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: F, stoel: 101
    Daniel's Husband
    great aisle seat, close where you enter the (upstairs) theatre
  • Shubert Theatre, vak: Mezzanine Left, rij: E, stoel: 15
    To Kill A Mockingbird
    great view of the stage, could see all the action