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  • anoniem
    4-sterren theater-uitzicht
    Au-Rene Theatre at the Broward Center, vak: Center Orchestra, rij: MM, stoel: 111
    Pretty good seats. Can't see details of faces but can see the stage and people very well. Sound was good too.
  • Angel Stadium, vak: 108, rij: G, stoel: 11
    Los Angeles Angels vs New York Yankees
  • Angel Stadium, vak: 246, rij: C, stoel: 13
    Los Angeles Angels vs New York Yankees
    Last game of the 4 game series for the Sweep Go Yankees!! April 25th 2019
  • Citizens Bank Park, vak: 201, rij: 4, stoel: 9
    Philadelphia Phillies vs Miami Marlins
  • Longacre theater, vak: Orchestra, rij: Q, stoel: 115
    The Prom
    Offered as a a rush ticket along with Q114. Excellent view!!!!
  • anoniem
    4-sterren -uitzicht
    Winter Garden Theatre, vak: Right Mezz, rij: D, stoel: 6
  • Prudential Center, vak: 9, rij: 6, stoel: 11
    NCT 127 tour: Neo City
    rly good seat!! it looks really far in this picture but irl yoyre really close!! you can see the expressions on all of their faces but it isnt super close. when the members were throwing stuff, i was a few meters too far away to get anythjng if that helps
  • anoniem
    4-sterren concert-uitzicht
    Allstate Arena, vak: 101, rij: n, stoel: 17
    Blackpink tour: In Your Area Tour
    There were heads in my way when everyone was there and stood. They were still good seats, you can always see the screens. If you're not tall (like 6ft) probably wear platform shoes or something in case someone tall is in front of you
  • anoniem
    Molineux Stadium, vak: JL5, rij: G, stoel: 121
    Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Arsenal FC
  • anoniem
    5-sterren theater-uitzicht
    Queen's Theatre, vak: Dress Circle, rij: B, stoel: 22
    Les Miserables
    Incredible seats, saw everything on the stage. 2 tall people sat in front who were tall however due to the raised seating this wasn't a problem at all & I am only 5ft 2! Will sit here again.
  • Prudential Center, vak: C, rij: 9, stoel: 2
    NCT 127 tour: Nct 127 World Tour: Neo City USA - The Origin
    The how was amazing and the seats were very close. There were three large monitors, one on the left of the stage, one in the middle, and one to the right of the stage and I could see all of them clearly. I could see the stage clearly too.
  • Golden Gate Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: M, stoel: 6
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    great view of entire stage.
  • The Forum, vak: 233, rij: 4, stoel: 1
    Selena Gomez tour: We day
    Various Artists Promoting Community Building
  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, vak: 417, rij: 14, stoel: 285
    Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace FC
    Fantastic Stadium
  • anoniem
    SunTrust Park, vak: 157, rij: 1
    Atlanta Braves vs Arizona Diamondbacks
    Chop House Terrace Seats
  • anoniem
    5-sterren concert-uitzicht
    Allstate Arena, vak: 102, rij: G, stoel: 4-5
    Blackpink tour: In Your Area World Tour 2019 with Kia
    In my opinion, the view was even better than what the photo captures. Had no issues very clearly seeing all of Blackpink. I don’t do floor/standing room at concerts, and this was a nice balance between having a good view and being close to the group!
  • Frawley Stadium, vak: B, rij: 9, stoel: 23
    Wilmington Blue Rocks vs Down East Wood Ducks
  • Frawley Stadium, vak: B, rij: 9, stoel: 23
    Wilmington Blue Rocks vs Down East Wood Ducks
  • Frawley Stadium, vak: B, rij: 9, stoel: 23
    Wilmington Blue Rocks vs Down East Wood Ducks
  • Frawley Stadium, vak: B, rij: 9, stoel: 17
    Wilmington Blue Rocks vs Down East Wood Ducks
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