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  • Barclays Center, vak: 15, rij: 17, stoel: 9
    Big 3 Basketball
  • anoniem 5-sterren wwe-uitzicht
    Barclays Center, vak: 6
  • Barclays Center, vak: 16, rij: 11, stoel: 8
    Smackdown Live
  • Barclays Center, vak: 8, rij: 15, stoel: 9
    Monday Night Raw
    Not bad seats. If you want to be seen on the hard camera clearly, you need to be in section F2 or the first two rows of section 8.
  • Barclays Center, vak: F1, rij: 10, stoel: 3
    Smackdown Live
  • Barclays Center, vak: 16, rij: 3, stoel: 3
    Monday Night Raw

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  • anoniem
    Barclays Center, vak: Floor 1, rij: 3, stoel: 13
    Ariana Grande tour: Sweetener World Tour
  • Barclays Center, vak: 109, rij: 7, stoel: 15
    Twenty One Pilots tour: The Bandito Tour
    Great seats
  • anoniem 4-sterren concert-uitzicht
    Barclays Center, vak: 115, rij: 8, stoel: 14
    Cher tour: Here we Go Again Tour
    The view was really good!! The seats in this area were just padded fold out chairs(?), so there wasn’t a ton of room. But I flagged them as seats I would definitely buy again regardless because of the view. We were 3&4 seats in from the aisle.
  • Barclays Center, vak: 228, rij: 7, stoel: 2
    Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers
  • anoniem
    Barclays Center, vak: 16, rij: 13, stoel: 3
    Mothers Day Music Fest
  • anoniem
    Barclays Center, vak: 17, rij: 13, stoel: 3
    Mother's Day Good Music Festival

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  • Barclays Center, vak: 12, rij: 15
    Iron Maiden tour: The Book of Souls World Tour
  • anoniem 2-sterren hockey-uitzicht
    Barclays Center, vak: 207, rij: 12, stoel: 25
    New York Islanders vs Carolina Hurricanes
    Good view of the ice. However, there is a camera blocking the lower corner of the ice and you also can’t see the lower sliver of ice because of the people that are in front of you.
  • anoniem 4-sterren wwe-uitzicht
    Barclays Center, vak: 222, rij: 6, stoel: 10
    NXT Takeover New York
    View was good considering the spot. This picture best represents what I could see naked eye. Not much space between seats so squeezing out for a drink was tough but it was pretty close to toilets and a decent bar. Overall, it’s good spot for price
  • Barclays Center, vak: 16, rij: 5, stoel: 1
    WWE Smackdown Live
    Great seat, full view of the ring and stage.
  • Barclays Center, vak: 105, rij: 5, stoel: 2
    Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors
    Good value
  • anoniem 5-sterren concert-uitzicht
    Barclays Center, vak: 25, rij: 3, stoel: 16
    April Fools Comedy Jam
  • Barclays Center, vak: 8, rij: 17, stoel: 6
    RAW vs WWE
    Great seats could see the ring perfectly and it was a great show.
  • Barclays center , vak: 28, rij: 9, stoel: 7
    Nxt takeover new york
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