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  • Coca-Cola Stage at Alliance Theatre, vak: Orchestra, rij: H, stoel: 111
    Trading Places The Musical
  • Gillian Lynne Theatre, vak: Stalls, rij: O, stoel: 65
    Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella
    A little off to the side but not enough to affect the view of the production. The sound/lighting booth is directly behind this row so no one is seated there, which makes this row a bonus.
  • Shaftesbury Theatre, vak: Stalls, rij: H, stoel: 20
    & Juliet
    Close enough to see everyone clearly on stage, but the seat sat at about stage level. Think I would have rather been a few rows back and a little higher up to get a better view of the staging. Really enjoyed this show!
  • Barbican Theatre, vak: Stalls, rij: M, stoel: 29
    Anything Goes
  • Palais Garnier, vak: 32-36, rij: 3, stoel: 20
    La Traviata
  • Moulin Rouge, rij: Last
    Seated by Maitre D' so there is no choice of seat, but it wasn't too bad as we were the only ones at the table for 6 in the last level of the room. Seating is quite tight and the tables are pretty small.

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  • Opera Garnier Paris, vak: 32-36, rij: 3, stoel: 20
    La Traviata
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, vak: Mezzanine L, rij: G, stoel: 1
    Moulin Rouge
    Good seat with direct line of sight to the stage. Very roomy with lots of legroom. Had to lean forward somewhat to see actors on the runway, and couldn't see the occasional activity taking place directly below the windmill and elephant.
  • Shubert Theatre, vak: Balcony C, rij: A, stoel: 108
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Seat about level with the top of proscenium, and has wide ledge requiring you to lean forward to view front of the stage. Got the seat for a reduced rate so OK with selection, but would have been highly disappointed if it were a full price ticket.
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, vak: Mezzanine R, rij: A, stoel: 10
    Seat affords a great view of the stage. Legroom is a bit cramped but really can't complain given the closeness of the performance from this seat.
  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, vak: Front Mezzanine L, rij: A, stoel: 10
    West Side Story
    A bit off center as the seat is 4 in from the far left aisle but still a great seat with a direct line of sight to the stage and loads of legroom.
  • Gielgud Theatre, vak: Dress Circle, rij: F, stoel: 17
    Les Miserables A Staged Concert
    Center seat two-thirds up the Dress Circle offered an excellent view of the performance.

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  • Victoria Palace Theatre, vak: Grand Circle, rij: C, stoel: 20
    Seat was sold as an obstructed view, but at $50 UDS, it's a great bargain. The safety rail only protrudes into the lower left of the stage and really doesn't block any view of the performance.
  • Lyric Theatre, vak: Orchestra L, rij: O, stoel: 9
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Longacre Theatre, vak: Mezzanine C, rij: C, stoel: 101
    The Prom
  • John Golden Theatre, vak: Front Mezzanine L, rij: A, stoel: 119
    The Waverly Gallery
  • Vivian Beaumont Theater, vak: Loge LC, rij: A, stoel: 209
  • Aldwych Theatre, vak: Stalls, rij: G, stoel: 20
    TINA: The Tina Turner Musical
  • Duchess Theatre, vak: Stalls, rij: M, stoel: 21
    The Play that Goes Wrong
  • Apollo Theatre, vak: STALLS, rij: H, stoel: 11
    Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
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