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Vak Y2

dolph Jan 23, 2016

Restricted view when sat down

22-sterren -uitzicht
cherrynet May 1, 2015

An improvement on last time but not good value for money.

33-sterren -uitzicht
Station road owl Apr 17, 2017


44-sterren -uitzicht
VillaWilla Mar 6, 2017

Right on the end, view of goal blocked

11-sterren -uitzicht

Vak Y4

anoniem Oct 29, 2017

Restricted view GOLD. No restrictions on my view however that I could see. In fact a grandstand seat. Bit steep for anyone a little older than myself, be careful.

55-sterren -uitzicht
anoniem Aug 29, 2018

Good view very high up. The ticket was visitor - school upper gold restricted sight line. I was concerned that may not be able to see parts of the pitch but it was fine.

55-sterren -uitzicht

Vak Y5 - School End (away)

drobrah Nov 18, 2017

Row N is the back row in the upper tier

44-sterren -uitzicht

Vak Y6

anoniem Dec 19, 2016

You can't see the corner flag and view of goal is slightly obscured.

33-sterren -uitzicht